IMI CIB - Global Credit Structuring - Portfolio Management Credit Analysis - Associate

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Data: 29 mag 2023

Luogo: Milano, IT

Società: Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Intesa Sanpaolo is the banking group leader in Italy. Assisting more than 14,6 milion of retail customers through a network of 5360 branches, it significantly supports the development of Companies and gives an important sustain to the country's growth. The Group has a selected retail banking presence in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, with approximately 1,000 branches and 7.2 million customers in 12 countries. Intesa Sanpaolo is also present in 25 countries in support of its corporate customers’ cross-border business. It is looking for new qualify profiles who want to face demanding and challenging career path with the following requirements: 

Scope and Purpose


The resource will have to:
•    Manage effectively business deals (administrative, documental, lending and rating process aspects) operating through best practices with a global risk mindset, in order to ensure time to market
•    Perform accurate and reliable compliance checks
•    Collaborate strongly and effectively with Structured Finance Desks and other internal and external stakeholders

The resource will have the chance to:
•    Work in a challenging environment, dynamic and oriented to the constant value creation
•    Develop strong competencies both in terms of know how (Specialized Lending) and soft skills (relationship)
•    Growth with a strong pushing on the International perimeter


Required Experience

2+ years of previous experience in banking and\or consulting\audit firms

Experience in the portfolio management of Corporate or Specialized Lending's complex financing structures 
Experience in the relationship management with internal and external stakeholder from Head Office but also from International perimeter 
Experience in working in team


Preferential Competencies

Excellent knowledge of Specialized Lending’s complex financing structures

Capabilities of analyzing Credit Agreement and Financial Documents with the support of senior figures

Management of internal and external stakeholders together with senior figures in order to support financing complex operations

Knowledge of AML & KYC process and regulation about conflict of interest management and reserved information

Knowledge of Credit process and Basel regulatory framework

Knowledge of EVA based metrics

Knowledge of financial statement reclassification

Knowledge of the different typologies of domestic and international guarantees

Capabilities of working respecting always the regulatory framework

Required Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Master degree in Economics or equivalent

High analytical and quantitative skills and management of complex processes

Management of key client of the Financial Institutions / Corporate segment

Experience in business plan and financial report management


Everyone is an asset for our Group and that person could be you! Check out our job opportunities, apply and join our team!