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PBZ Invest - Stage Sales & Marketing

Date: Oct 8, 2021

Location: Zagabria, HR

Company: Intesa Sanpaolo Group

We are leaders in Italy and one of the main banking groups in Europe.
Strongly innovative and international, we are however also closely linked to tradition and our territories.

People are our main strength; we are looking for talents who can help us to quickly face constantly changing contexts and aspire to ever new horizons.


We are looking for new graduated in [faculty name], interested in [insert field ex: the economic and financial world].

Teamworking, problem solving and analytical skills are the characteristics we are looking for in people who want to start a path within our Group.

You will work within the Commercial Coordination  [Structure name] team of Banca dei Territori Division [Division / Company], dealing with [broadly insert what the resource will do. ex: product promotion and sales strategies].

ex: You will work within the Intesa Sanpaolo Recruiting & Assessment Center team, dealing with recruiting and personnel selection.


•    Implement…;
•    Analyze…;
•    Manage…;
•    Perform…

What you will learn

•    You will be able to…;
•    You will learn…;
•    You will develop familiarity with…


Collaboration is in Intesa Sanpaolo’s DNA. This is why our mission is to share the ideals and intentions that guide us in our work.
We evaluate our success based on how much we can invest to create an economic system in which everyone is able to express their potential.


We are looking for someone with:
•    A degree in …;
•    Knowledge of… ;
•    Familiarity with…
•    Capacity in… .;


The selection process is divided in two phases: you will carry out a digital video interview and, if successful, we will invite you to an interview with colleagues from the concerned structure. In any case, you will receive feedback regarding your application.


Become part of an international and innovative reality. Make a choice, create your future!